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Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015, 19:08

26-teiliges Strogoff-Hörspiel in englischer Sprache

Unter diesem Link herunterladbar:

About this Old Time Radio Show

Most people know the works of Jules Verne, such as “Journey to the Center of the
Earth” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. Not as infamous is
his story of “Michael Strogoff-Courier of the Czar”. Strogoff is a courier for
Tsar Alexander II of Russia and the radio program shares with an attentive audience,
the adventures of the personal messenger to the Russian leader. Every week, The
Libraries of Adventure would present this work, as the narrator would proclaim,
of “great adventures of yesterday dramatized for the boys and girls of today”.

Michael Strogoff Chapter 2

The czar has received word that The Tartar Khan Feofar was stirring up
rebellion in Siberia and was heading towards Moscow. The Czar dispatched Michael
Strogoff to the Irkutsk to warn the Grand Duke of the pending invasion by
Feofar. The adventure that lay ahead of Strogoff was fraught full of danger and
intrigue...just the way the listening audience liked their adventure. Strogoff
is Captain of the Couriers and receives most of the major missions. Strogoff is
sworn to keep his identity a secret and get the message to the Grand Duke, the
brother of the Czar. It would be foolhardy to give away the entire storyline,
but suffice it to say that Michael does not fail to provide an amazing tale to
capture the imagination.

Michael Strogoff Chapter 5

This episode from the Jules Verne Story continued the journey of
strogonoff seeking to get his message to the Grand Duke. In this program,
Strogoff is disguised as a merchant and is travelling towards Irkutsk. He is
seeking a form of conveyance for himself, and his travelling companion Nadia. They
travel towards to Steppes and eventually Irkutsk. Nadia is the daughter of a
political prisoner and becomes a companion to get into Siberia to see her
father. Along the way his disguise is called into question as he seems to be
too well prepared to be a simple merchant. As Nicholas Carpanov, Strogoff has
to watch his back and provide protection for his incognito “sister” Nadia. What
dastardly plot awaits behind the next bend of the road for Strogoff and his
mission? The radio audience waited with baited breath to find the answer to
that question. But, they were made aware to tune into the next episode to find
out more.

Michael Strogoff Chapter 8

In this episode Strogoff finds himself travelling night and day, along
with Nadia and, now, journalists Blount and Jolivet. His horses are taken by a
stranger that had wanted to purchase his mounts. Having declined the offer, the
stranger demanded a fight with Strogoff and is rebuffed...only because Michael
must maintain an air of discreteness. He hears his own home of Omsk is under
threat of attack by the Tartars. Although he had promised to stay away from his
home and his mother, to protect his true identity, Strogoff feels he must see
her for to establish her safety. It is hard for Strogoff to stay away, but he
knows his mission is of much greater necessity. But enough to share...The story
will speak for itself.